Inn Dreams


Karen Grace has just realized her life’s dream — buying an old motel to renovate. By herself. How hard can it be? But money slips through her fingers fast, and she’s forced to find a job, where she meets the love of her life. That’s when the real trouble begins. Someone doesn’t want her in town and they’re going to make sure she leaves.





Lies and Love

Drea hoped to only see her tiny tourist town in her rear view mirror, but now she’s back to take over the family store. Grandpa insisted and no one says no to Grandpa. When a newcomer arrives in town, Drea is immediately smitten. She knows her old high school friend has a crush on her, but she only has eyes for the mysterious stranger. Just one problem – he’s a bit too mysterious.

"Beautiful prose: it invites the readers to continuously explore."





The Diner Girl

Carrie Peters has one big problem and a bunch of little ones. Her big problem’s name is Aunt Celia, who’s stealing Carrie’s money. The bitter crone, who’s taken Carrie in after her parents die, feeds Carrie scraps and confines her to one corner of the apartment while making Carrie turn over all her waitressing tips. Then there’s Wes, Carrie’s forever love, who leaves for school and abruptly ghosts her. Thank goodness she has the Calico Diner and its customers for refuge and care. What Carrie doesn’t yet know is that the Calico Diner will one day be her salvation.

"Lovely novella with a wonderful message to share."

Bad Blood

Vanessa’s brother did his best to ruin her life. Then he killed her – he thought. Instead he perished in the fire he'd set. At last Vanessa is free. She finds work with an attorney who only represents the worst of the worst. One day, sitting behind her boss in the courtroom, she’s struck by his latest client’s familiarity. It couldn’t be. Could it? 

"Gripping and unpredictable"



Shadow Song

In a backwoods town, finding your boss’s dead body in the woods is enough to get you charged with murder. Worse, Ashley Montrose is saddled with the most incompetent attorney in the county. She only has herself and a man she loathes to find a way out of this mess.

"The descriptive narration captivates you, thrills you with investigations, and has heart-warming moments that melt your heart."


Second Chance

When Leah’s band breaks up (spectacularly) she’s left with nothing – no skills, no future, no money. She takes to the road and stumbles upon the town of Chance where, impulsively, she decides to stay. Waitressing at the local saloon, she falls in love with an intoxicating singer, and for the first time, life is sweet. 

Until everything falls apart.





New Kaitlyn

Fed up with her dead-end job and dead-end life, Kaitlyn makes a rash decision: pack up and move to a small town she's never heard of and lead a group of neophytes in her company's new venture. She questions her choice at every turn, from the oddly-friendly landlord to the three bikers she meets on an evening stroll, to the universe's most detestable boss.

Then, to make everything even worse, she falls in love with a man she can never have. 

"Sweet, quirky tale of gritting your teeth while navigating the vagaries of a modern career lifestyle."



The Apple


Aubrey is not a criminal like her dad; not exactly. At least her acts didn’t get her killed. His did. But now Aubrey’s mom has been wrongly arrested for his death and Aubrey has to find a way to clear her without exposing her own bad deeds. Unfortunately, family secrets get in the way.


Once In a Blue Moon


Grandma’s basement is haunted. What else could explain how Jemma has assumed her identity and lands in the nineteen forties where men are shipping off to war?

Just when she’s resigned to her new identity, she is transported again, to the sixties and the broken life of a woman named Beth. Mom.

One strange night will change three lives forever.



Whispers in the Dark

Sam wasn’t always Sam, and she wasn’t always hidden away in a tiny town, spinning records in the middle of the night. She's been so careful, so anonymous. The police never found her.

But now Sam is being stalked. Nine years ago a crazed lunatic tried to murder her, until she killed him first. Then she ran. She was sure she’d killed him. She saw his body, bloody and bashed, right there on the floor. 

It’s impossible that her would-be killer is still alive and hell-bent on revenge. Isn’t it?




Find My Way Home


Tonight man will step on the moon for the first time and fourteen-year-old Sabrina couldn’t care less. All she wants is a way out, an escape from her crazy family. She meets a boy on a blind date and impulsively takes to the road with him. Guilty, she tries to call home but no one answers – ever again. Has her family simply forgotten her?