Dreamy, heart warming, but most importantly, it touches upon the most important stage in a girl's quest to become a woman—adolescence. With love magnified at the center stage, there are also hints of family, responsibility, and self-understanding. I think that might be the reason this is called a "women's novella." I especially like the portrayal of Drea as hopeful, optimistic, and inexperienced in romantic relationships. I can see through her lens the sixteen-year-old me craving friendship and love, easily deceived into the illusion of a fairy-tale ending. Her naïveté has also made her selfish, taking for granted Gil's support and love. It reveals her dark side in her subconscious. This made me think as I read: what would life made of her if Drea isn't as naïve?

I also understand both Drea's desire to escape her fate set by her family and her happily-ever-after conception with Alex. The expectations from her grandfather suffocates and traps her into a cage where a plan has been laid out for the rest of her life. On the other hand, he also loves her: that is his "only granddaughter." Born to a traditional Asian family, I understand the grandfather's inability to express his love for Drea, which made him sadistic and controlling. Along with the father's rehabilitation and conversation with Drea, as well as her dreamy affair with Alex, she ought to learn from her own family love and responsibility, bringing her one step closer to becoming a woman.

Beautiful prose: it invites the readers to continuously explore. It is a princess's journey to becoming a queen, ready to take over the throne. I'm giving it a five star.

Kathy ~ Goodreads Reviewer  


Good quick cozy read. If it hasn’t happened to you then you know someone like this! Lost up in a good looking, charming man and not seeing the whole picture until it blindsides you. Thank goodness for good friends. Good story and writing. Going to check out the author’s other books!

MnMlove ~ Amazon Reviewer



Drea gets called back to town to run the souvenir shop that her family runs. There's betrayal, love, and rehab in this very cute novella. Can't wait to read more in this series. 

EdithR ~ LibraryThing Reviewer



Drea was a young woman running her grandpa’s souvenir shop. With a dad in rehab, a mom that took off, and a grumpy grandpa always getting on her case, she dealt the best way she could. Then she meets the new, local businessman named Alex and falls into a relationship with him. Everything seemed perfect for Drea. But the thing was that Mr. Perfect wasn’t so perfect, and Drea had to learn that the hard way. Lies and love are certainly tricky things.

A short and sweet story about learning what’s really important and going for it. It’s a nice read. I look forward to more from this author.

~ Kindle Reader




infinitybooks4📚 Book Review 📚

Sometimes, all you need is a quick read that will distract you and keep you entertained for a short while, and this book really hit the spot.

The author’s skill at his* craft is evident in the way he* portrays Ashley’s loneliness and her self-assurance in her ability to handle situations. Carefully plotted and nicely written. With a hint of suspense, every character’s emotion was expertly captured. The descriptive narration captivates you, thrills you with investigations, and has heart-warming moments that melt your heart.


*I'm actually female.


Lovely novella with a wonderful message to share. I enjoyed all the characters. Will definitely be watching for more books by this author.

Sue ~ Goodreads Reviewer


 "Short, contemporary tale of finding love and the value of good friends."

Sweet, quirky tale of gritting your teeth while navigating the vagaries of a modern career lifestyle, the immeasurable value of good friends, and taking a chance at love.

~ Amazon Reviewer



"Gripping and unpredictable"
Danger doesn't always emanate from a mysterious stranger, but sometimes from someone you think you know. I was rooting hard for the main character to prevail. 

~ Amazon Reviewer